Eye protection is an important tool for both the workplace and at home

Glasses Lenses

The shape and design of an eye glasses lens depend on the type of vision problem a person has. People who are nearsighted or farsighted need lenses with a concave or convex shape. People with astigmatism, which is a condition where the corneas are not shaped correctly, need cylinder-shaped lenses. The purpose of the lenses is to focus light on the retina in the correct manner.

Polycarbonate eye glasses lenses are lightweight, durable and impact resistant. These lenses are often used in children’s glasses and sports eyewear. They are also used in CDs, headlights, helmets, and industrial applications. These lenses have consistently proven themselves to be impact resistant and durable. In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of polycarbonate lenses.


The primary disadvantage of polycarbonate lenses is that they scratch more easily than traditional lenses. However, scratch-resistant coatings can help protect these lenses from damage. This can make them a safer alternative to traditional eyeglasses and sunglasses. However, consumers should always keep an eye out for potential scratches.


Polycarbonate eyeglass lenses are also more expensive than regular eyeglass lenses. However, they may be more durable, thinner, and lighter. Some people don’t want to spend the extra money for eyeglass lenses, and polycarbonate lenses may be the best option.

Trivex eye glasses lenses are resistant to a wide range of household chemicals and alcohol, so you won’t have to worry about damaging them. Even window glass cleaner will not harm them. The lens also has a high abbe value, which means that it will allow you to view objects clearly.


Compared to other types of lenses, Trivex has a high light transmittance rating of 91.4 percent, which is the highest of all lens materials.

Trivex lenses

Trivex lenses, another type of lens, may have the same benefits as polycarbonate lenses, including crisp optical clarity and low weight.


Another benefit of Trivex eye glasses lenses is that they have high durability and UV protection. This makes them particularly suitable for outdoor use.

Trivex is one of the lightest lens materials available, which can greatly reduce patient complaints about heavy eyewear. Additionally, Trivex eyeglass lenses are thin compared to polycarbonate lenses, enabling them to provide an excellent balance of performance and comfort.

Several leading eyeglass brands carry Trivex lenses, including Zeiss, Essilor, and Hoya. Buying glasses that are made of this type of lens will save you money and stress on your eyes, and will help you see clearly in bright sunlight.

Eyeglass Brands

High index plastic

High index plastic eye glasses lens has higher index than conventional plastic eye glasses lens. These lenses are generally made of polycarbonate material and are the safest choice. They are also less likely to break than conventional high-index lenses, which are best for children and sports protective eyewear. This material is compatible with most lens add-ons.